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First-Ever TOEFL iBT Workshop Gives Attendees Training from ETS Specialist

From November 25th to 27th of 2013, IIG Vietnam – the country’s exclusive official representative of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) held the TOEFL iBT Propell Workshop - "Curriculum-Building Training Program for Teaching TOEFL iBT Test Preparation." The workshop was open to all the English-language teachers in Hanoi and led by Ms. Nguyen Thanh Giang – a Master Trainer trained and certified by ETS.


IIG Vietnam representative delivered opening speech

Provided by Educational Testing Service (ETS), TOEFL iBT is the most trusted test in the world to measure English proficiency over 4 integrated skills in the academic environment. TOEFL iBT is recognized in over 130 countries with over 9000 organizations and is being used regularly to process applications for scholarships, school admissions, and visas in many English-speaking countries. So, for young adults who seek opportunities to pursue higher education abroad or who want to apply for study abroad programs, the TOEFL iBT test is a valuable ticket that opens up more opportunities to venture out into the world. While many students study test preparation materials, many also look for support from local teachers with experience in the TOEFL iBT test.


The teachers are participating in a group exercise during the course

Thus, ETS has researched and developed the TOEFL iBT Propell Workshop to provide English-language teachers with updated and in-depth information on the TOEFL iBT test itself, test-taking strategies, and other effective tools for designing and leading a TOEFL iBT preparation class that is successful for both students and teachers. The Workshop instructs teachers who have never tried teaching TOEFL iBT preparation courses to design and build their own TOEFL iBT programs. And for those teachers who already had experience in teaching TOEFL iBT, the Workshop goes deeper, providing additional advanced tools, the most in-depth and most updated teaching methods, so that the teachers can deliver an even more effective exam preparation course.

The curriculum used in the training is the official curriculum developed and provided by ETS. In addition, before the workshop started, participants took an official TOEFL practice test, known as the TOEFL Practice Online – a testing product, developed by ETS, which closely resembles an actual TOEFL iBT test – to experience the test in a realistic time-constraint and environment.


Teachers received certification on completion of TOEFL iBT Propell Workshop 1

Towards the end of this 3-day training course, the participants highly appreciated the practicality and efficiency of the workshop, especially the information about the scoring rubrics and evaluation methods that ETS uses to grade an actual test.

 Ms. Dao Thi Bich Nguyen – an English-language teacher at Hanoi University of Education – said: "After finishing the Propell Workshop, I believe I can help my students recognize where they can gain or lose extra points and the reasons behind those points".

Ms. Pham Hong Van – an English-language teacher at Thang Long University – said: "I am very satisfied because the benefits from the course are far beyond my expectations. I have learnt how to form strategies and techniques to maximize TOEFL iBT scores and how to design the preparation courses to match with the students’ level. All the information from the workshop really got me so excited and I really want to implement all the knowledge immediately to my upcoming students."

Ms. Hoang Thi My – an English-language lecturer at Foreign Language University, Hanoi National University – shared: "The course provides exactly the tools that we need, especially the method of teaching writing and speaking skills. Even though the students can study listening and reading skills on their own, they will need support from the instructors for the other skills. The knowledge that we are equipped with in the course is very valuable in helping our students to achieve their possible highest scores for TOEFL iBT test”.

With modern facilities, a highly-interactive learning environment, and enthusiastic and experienced trainers officially certified by ETS, our intensive training program, the “TOEFL iBT Propell Workshop”, has provided many TOEFL iBT teachers with a set of new tools and effective methods to support them in delivering TOEFL iBT preparation courses and increasing the chances for students to achieve higher TOEFL iBT scores.

List of teachers who have completed the 1st TOEFL iBT Propell Workshop and received certificates from IIG Vietnam - the only official representative of U.S Educational Testing Service in Vietnam.


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The TOEFL iBT Propell Workshop - "A Curriculum-Building Training Program for Teaching TOEFL iBT Test Preparation" - is expected to be held quarterly on a national scale. To enroll in the course, please contact: or visit:

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