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ETS Announces New Free TOEFL® Test Taker Video to Assist Students

As many students around the world begin the new school year, Educational Testing Service (ETS) releases a new video to familiarize English language learners with the TOEFL® testing process.

The six-minute "Welcome to the TOEFL iBT™ Testing Site" video walks students through the "test day" experience and previews the identification requirements, check-in procedures, security protocols, and testing sequence to increase awareness of the testing process. The video provides an accurate snapshot of what students can expect during the test administration.

In addition to the new test taker video, a comprehensive collection of TOEFL test preparation materials is available at little or no charge to students to make studying for the TOEFL test easier than ever. The available resources include:

  • TOEFL Go Anywhere Website: Available in English, Chinese, and Korean, the website presents helpful information regarding the TOEFL test, as well as answers to commonly asked questions, valuable study tips, sample test questions, a searchable database of the more than 7,500 colleges and universities that accept the TOEFL test, and access to registration.
  • The Official Guide to the TOEFL® Test: The best-selling third-edition of The Official Guide to the TOEFL® Test, created by ETS, contains two full-length authentic practice tests.
  • TOEFL® Practice Online: TOEFL Practice Online simulates the testing experience and provides instant feedback on all four skills measured on the TOEFL test — listening, reading, speaking, and writing.
  • TOEFL® TV Channel on YouTube®: The TOEFL TV channel offers English language learners an online portal to learn from teachers and students to help improve their English skills. Through the use of video, students are exposed to study tips and best practices in fun and engaging ways.
  • Lexile® Measures: Developed by MetaMetrics®, Lexile Measures match a student's TOEFL iBT Reading section score to current books that reflect a student's reading ability and interests to help monitor and strengthen their English reading skills.

"ETS offers numerous resources to introduce students to the TOEFL test and help them become familiar with the assessment and the process so they can be confident on test day," commented Teresa Sanchez-Lazer, Executive Director of TOEFL Product Management. "We hope students will take advantage of the suite of preparation and study materials to enhance their testing experience and reach their personal best."

More information regarding the TOEFL test is available at

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