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ETS Launches TOEFL® Junior™ to Guide English Learning for Younger Students

Market research has indicated a global need for a well-designed, objective measure of proficiency in English to help students specifically in middle school grades. Educational Testing Service (ETS) has developed the TOEFL® Junior™ Test, the newest addition to ETS’s TOEFL family of products specifically for the English language learning needs of students in middle school.

TOEFL Junior is a low-stakes assessment that measures the degree to which younger students have attained the language proficiency representative of English-medium instructional environments. Designed for students aged 12 – 15 for whom English is a foreign language, it measures listening and reading ability, as well as knowledge of language form and meaning. The first administration of the TOEFL Junior test will take place on October 24, 2010.

IIG Vietnam announced as an exclusive distributor to lead junior English assessment trend in Vietnam with new English learning resource

"English proficiency is an increasingly important skill for students worldwide," explains Dr. Philip Tabbiner, President of ETS Global. "With instruction beginning at earlier ages, mastering English expands students' access to a range of educational, personal and professional opportunities. And, because it is a global assessment, students, teachers, administrators and parents around the world can depend on TOEFL Junior for objective information about language skills.

The TOEFL Junior test is in a paper-based format (PBT) and contains three sections:

  • Listening Comprehension:
    • Ability to listen for basic, interpersonal purposes
    • Ability to listen for instructional purposes
    • Ability to listen for academic purposes
  • Reading Comprehension:
    • Ability to read and comprehend academic texts
    • Ability to read and comprehend non-academic texts
  • Language Form and Meaning:
    • Ability to demonstrate proficiency in key enabling skills, such as grammar and vocabulary, in context

"TOEFL Junior will support placement decisions after admission to public and private schools in English-dominant countries, international schools in non-English-dominant countries, or schools in any country using bilingual approaches to instruction," Tabbiner adds.

While TOEFL Junior is a distinct product within the growing TOEFL family of English assessments, it is not designed to be a predictor of later performance on the TOEFL iBT™ test, Tabbiner explained. Rather, he said, it is geared to serve the language learning needs of students 12 – 15 years of age. The test has been built using ETS's nearly half-century of expertise in developing international assessments of English language proficiency.

For further information regarding the TOEFL® Junior™ Test, please contact IIG Vietnam:

IIG Vietnam

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